Register & Activate your Walmart money card online

register walmart money card

Register walmart moneycard can be used online, in US stores, and by phone, register walmart money card. register walmart money card visa card balance online. walmart moneycard works in usa and canada and can be used online and offline. register walmart money card online.

walmart money card is best gift for your loved once. you can use walmart moneycard at online store to buy anything. you can redeem walmart moneycard online. its very easy to use and register walmart money card online. to register walmart moneycard and to activate walmart money card go to and put your card number, exp date and 3 digit pin it show you on your card balance instant.

to buy walmart moneycard you don't need to provide any id or personal information but to register walmart money card you will have to provide personal details. you can check walmart moneycard visa card balance online. and redeem these cards any where visa/master card works. activate walmart money card balance, register green dot card, login walmart moneycard new card.

Register walmart money card

register walmart money card

How to Redeem a walmart moneycard online

walmart moneycard and eGift Cards have a 16-digit gift card code, Expiration date/month and an 3-digit PIN number. To redeem online, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1 (for plastic Gift Cards only)
Using a coin or fingernail, scratch off the foil covering the 3-digit gift card PIN number. This is located on the back of the Gift Card, in the right corner.

Step 2
On the Checkout page in the Payment section, enter your Gift Card number, Expiration date/month and PIN number.*

Step 3
Hit the “Save & Continue” button in lower right corner of the Payment area. You will see the Card amount deducted from your total order on the right side of the page. **I entered my card information. Why is it still asking for my credit card?***

Your walmart money card, walmart eGift Card may not cover the full order total, which can include sales tax, shipping fees, or the difference of the order. Gift/eGift card funds will be applied to your order total first, and any remaining amount will be covered by your credit card. On the Confirmation Order page, be sure to review the payment information and total charge of your order to confirm all details are correct.

Terms & Conditions

What is the difference between a Gift Card, an eGift Card, and an eGift Certificate?

Gift Cards are physical cards that have a 16-digit gift card number, Expiration date/month and an 3-digit PIN number.
walmart eGift Cards are virtual cards that have a 16-digit gift card number, Expiration date/month and an 3-digit PIN number.
eGift Certificates are no longer available for sale and can only be used by calling Customer Service at 1-877-greendot. They have an 8-digit alphanumeric code (no PIN).
All walmart money cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates should be treated like cash: they cannot be replaced if lost, stolen, altered or destroyed. walmart Gift Cards, eGift Cards and eGift Certificates have no expiration date and cannot be redeemed or exchanged for cash (except as required by law). No fees will be charged against the unused balance of the gift cards. Please click here to view the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

Where to buy a walmart moneycard ?

There are three ways to buy Plastic walmart money card Cards:
Any walmart moneycard stores or authorized retailers in the U.S. and Canada
Online at, or the walmart money card App
Customer service at 1-877-walmartmoneycard

walmart money card are distributed by walmart money card bank, Inc. There is one way to buy walmart money card:

walmart, kroger and other retail stores.
walmart moneycard will only honor Gift Cards and eGift Cards purchased through our stores, website, mobile app, and authorized retailers. We no longer sell eGift Certificates. You cannot use a greendot Gift Card, eGift Card, or eGift Certificate to purchase Gift Cards or eGift Cards. All sales of Gift Cards and eGift Cards are non-refundable and are final.
At this time there is a one gift card limit per online order. To purchase multiple gift cards online, please call our Customer Service at 1-877-greendot. You can also visit a greendot store to purchase multiple gift cards.

How do I check my walmart moneycard, walmart eGift Card or eGift Certificate balance?

There are four ways to check your Gift Card oe eGift Card balance:
Online via Desktop Computer: Sign into your Account and click on your name for your account on the upper left-hand side of the page. From the My Account page, locate the Payments & Credits section and use the link to check your balance on the Gift Card.
Online: Click here to view our Gift Card page at There is a section to check the balance at the bottom of the page.
By Phone: Call 1-877 770 6408.
In Store: A Cast Member can check the balance for you for Gift Card or eGift Cards (for U.S. stores) (if you have a print out or your mobile device).

how to register and activate walmartmoney card?

its veru easy to regitser your walmart money card online. after buying walmart money new card from store you need to register this card before using it online. to register walmart money card you need to provide your personal details like name , address, ssn, dob, phone number. so to register your card got to and click register new card after that put your card information and click next now enter your personal information now press enter. thats it your card is ready to use. now you can also check your walmart money card balance and all the trasactions.